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7 Ways to Increase Online Traffic With Local SEO Strategies

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Just like with other aspects of online marketing and advertising, SEO has gone through its share of changes and innovations, one of which is local SEO.
7 Ways to Increase Online Traffic With Local SEO Strategies

Revisitors.com wants to help you have a constant stream of online traffic coming not only from all over the internet but from your local community as well.
Take notes on seven ways to boost your website visitor numbers through the power of local SEO.

Build Citations Rather than a dreaded traffic citation, an online business citation is when the name, address and phone number of your business is listed online, but there isn’t a link. Such citations are viewed favorably by search engines, so you might as well put that fact to good use and have as many as possible scattered on yellow pages, business association pages, review sites and chamber of commerce sites.

Just make sure the information contained in the citations is always correct and up-to-date, otherwise, you’re missing out on some free website traffic.

Use a Local-Based SEO Strategy While we most definitely recommend that you use a traditional SEO strategy in your marketing and advertising efforts, there should also be a local aspect in your campaign.

What this means is performing keyword research to see the words and phrases used by your target audience in your immediate geographic area.
Once you’ve gathered the results, you can start to add these phrases and words throughout the content on your website.

This is a great way to increase your organic site traffic, revenue and search engine ranking.

Business Listing Taking the idea of having online business citations one step further, you can also have listings on review sites and your social networking/media profiles as well.
What makes a listing different from a citation is that you include additional details on your listing besides the name, address and phone number of your business.

For instance, your listing could include your hours of operation and current specials. Professional Site Audit Don’t worry, we’re referring to the good kind of audit here.
By having your site audited, you’ll have a concrete idea of just how well your site is performing and if there’s anything on your business site pages that needs attention, such as broken links.

The audit will also let you know if your site has any potential search engine penalties, if there are problems with conversions or if there are security vulnerabilities.
While a site audit is good for both local and non-local SEO, local customers and visitors are likely to spend more time on your site and support a community business once everything is shipshape.

Ask Customers to Review Your Business Reviews are another powerful and highly effective way to boost your online traffic.
You can fill your site with content, videos and audio about your products or services, but there’s no better selling tool than a genuine review straight from someone who’s actually used your services or products. Visitors gain a well-rounded idea of what you have to offer and how you deliver on that offer.

If at all possible, try to tie in your reviews with map apps in order that users know exactly where to go to find the products in the reviews.

Create Multiple Pages for Multiple Store Locations If your business has more than one location, it’s best that you have a separate page on your site for each location.
While each page can have basically the same information about your business, it should include special keywords related to the specific location in order to better target and attract visitors from those geographic areas.

Make sure you go through each location page to see that the address, phone number, store hours and store location is accurate.
 Delete Multiple Listings Eliminate the potential for confusion by making sure there aren’t duplicate local listings for a single brick-and-mortar location.

Duplication is a common problem whenever there are several individuals working on your business marketing and advertising strategy and fail to properly communicate with each other.

The main issue with duplicates is one listing may contain incorrect or outdated information and have a high search engine result ranking.

After you’ve taken care of current duplicates, schedule regular future checks to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Revisitors.com understands your desire to expand your business reach as much and as far as possible with online traffic.
Before you take your industry by storm, be sure you’ve fully utilized the abundant possibilities that await with local SEO.

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