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How news website successfully EARNS ON ADVERTISING without scaring off its readers

Diterbitkan Oleh Catatan Seorang Hamba Pada 05 May 2017

As you might know, the main task for news websites is to provide relevant information for visitor and be the fastest in publishing main vital news, interesting for readers

It is also important to work on your visitor’s loyalty, because if you’re able to keep your audience and make them visit your website regularly, it is already a half part of your success. Of course, every webmaster wants to gain revenue from his project. Nowadays there are a lot of monetization tools on the market, but still - there is not so easy to find suitable one.
Let’s look at our client’s history.
His name is François and he started his online business few years ago.
He created a news portal, specified in business news.
Francois worked hard on his website to attract new readers and achieve good amount of visitors per month.
Now he might be proud of himself, because 3 years after he has an average amount of more than 50 thousands visitors per day, and even his own small team of copywriters and journalists on a freelance.

Why is it effective to use native advertising on news website

We work with Francois for more than a year already.
During this time, we worked in collaboration always trying to improve CTR of our ads .
The main task was also to not to scare readers, because people often get angry when they see simple display banners, especially, if ads are not relevant for visitor.
Fortunately, our native ads technology is capable to solve these problems.
As a client, having rich experience of working with PayClick, Francouis gave an objective assessment of our work and explained, why he likes native advertising.
Take a look at short interview below:

Francouis, please share, what monetization tools you practiced?

I used plenty of them: different teaser networks, cpa-networks, contextual advertising and display banners. Native advertising was new for me, but when i looked at the first results, they looked quite impressive, that’s why i decided to use it more.

How did you make you choice? 
What attracts you in PayClick?

It is very simple.
I have two main reasons, defining my decision: amount of payments per mille and the quality of advertising, i put on my website.
As for PayClick, i am satisfied by both things, and can also mention good financial discipline (payments made every week) and 24 hours technical support by manager, speaking your native language.

How do you like our features to adjust the design of ad blocks?

I really like the flexible design of your ad blocks, they always adapt to the content and website’s design, more than that, they look like content.
I also know, that you have many options to create your own design of your advertising. Unfortunately, i don’t have time to adjust the design of ad blocks, but your managers do it pretty well for me.

Any complaints?

A few times i saw some advertising, which i don’t want to be published on my website.
But later we managed to avoid this problem with the help of my personal manager.
At least, there is no shocking advertising, which might appear on my website and ruin its reputation as a trusted business portal.

Francois, thank you for your answers. And as usual, please give short recommendations for future publishers?

Don’t think that your own online project is an easy way to earn money. As in every type of business, you should invest much time to gain results.
But also, if you love what you do, if you do your best to develop it - you will definitely achieve your goals.
If to speak about news project - it is a job without a weekends, you have to be sure nothing important left without a post or article on your website.
Only good and relevant content will lead you to success.
Use such monetization tools, which allows you to gain good revenue, engage your audience without scaring your readers.
For me PayClick is an excellent choice, and it is very easy and fast to install its widget.


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